Where does the name Flip-Critts come from?

Hi, my name is Carter Waugh, and I’m the founder of Flip-Critts. And I’m just nine years old. How cool is it that if you have a good idea and put your mind to it, you can invent something?

In my case, it’s a new shoe that’s comfortable and perfect for being an active kid. And I do a lot of running and jumping and climbing around. You could say I have a lot of energy. Just ask my brother … In fact, it’s how I earned my nickname (and got the name for my shoe!)

One day, I was in the backyard with my older brother, Jordan. I can’t remember what we were doing or what I wanted to show him or tell him, but I kept yelling, “Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!”

So much energy, he didn’t know how to handle it! He said I was bugging him (what can I say? I am a little brother.) He didn’t call me a bug, but another word for it … Critter!

That’s where it started. But it definitely didn’t stop there. My brother’s friends and my friends started calling me Critter, so the name stuck! My parents even started calling me Critter sometimes. And somewhere along the way, it got shortened to “Critt.”

It’s been going for a couple years now. It’s even the name I put on my lacrosse gear.

So when I had to come up with a name for my new shoe, I knew exactly what it should be called. Flip-Critts!

Flip stand for ‘flip-flop,’ because of the toe bar that keeps the top part of the shoe on your foot. And Critts stands for the fact that it’s the best shoe for being a Critter in. That means going on adventures and still feeling secure with the comfy, breathable material around it.

There it is. That’s the story behind the name. Do you have a nickname too? Would you call yourself a Critter like me?/I>

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